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Who we are

What is Daydreamers? 

Daydreamers is a brand and a movement to help the world feel more alive. We know that creativity is part of our human DNA - but in our modern world, we don’t get enough of it. So, we’re making hobbies cool again and it easier than ever to get your creative juices flowing.

We’re starting by bringing daily, creative habits straight to your home - but look out for community events and spaces IRL soon. Until then, check out our podcast, (un)productive, where we pick the brains of high-profile creatives about how they spend their time. And, look out for a lot more cool and engaging content coming your way.

Who are the humans behind Daydreamers?

Katina and Dupi are the co-founders of Daydreamers, and Experimenters-in-Chief. They started Daydreamers after one-too-many nights on their couch scrolling through their phones while Netflix was playing in the background. Their free time never felt “free” - and their mental well-being was suffering because of it. 
As outsiders to the creative industry - they both started their careers in finance - Katina and Dupi have one motto: Get messy and make stuff. They’re obsessed with helping all of us see that creativity is part of all of our DNA - and instead of trying to make robots more human, they’re on a mission to make humans less robotic. 

What the science says about creativity and leisure time

What is your definition of creativity?

To us, creativity is how you interpret the world around you, and use it to imagine new possibilities. According to neuroscientist, David Eagleman, and Dr. Anthony Brandt - two of our experts at DD - creativity is within every single human being’s DNA. It’s literally what makes us different from llamas or elephants. Most importantly, creativity is not only painting or writing or singing. It’s not just a one-time date night event. Creativity is tinkering and brainstorming and experimenting. It’s imagining and getting curious. It’s taking care of your plants or joining a protest. It’s any way that you express yourself. And there is wrong way to be creative, so take the pressure off.

Why is creativity so important for our well-being? 

Creativity is a natural instinct we have as human beings - but research tells us that it takes a nosedive in adulthood, especially in our modern world. And, we know that it isn’t just research; we’ve heard from many of you that creativity is like a Tamagotchi - you haven’t thought about it since you were ten.

But, when we get in the creative flow, it literally expands our brain by strengthening our neural network. It also puts our brain into a Theta State, which is proven to thicken the parts of our brain that relate to memory (and it’s the same wavelength that we had as kids - you know, the good ol’ days!). It also releases hormones that reduce stress, boost happiness and enhance focus.

But, creativity doesn’t just help us in the short-term. Building creative habits are directly linked to longer lifespans, increased connectivity with other humans, and healthier hearts. Can we call it a magic pill?

What is high quality and low quality leisure? 

High quality and low quality leisure are terms we coined here at DD to illustrate the difference between different ways we spend our time. If you’re like us, you may have spent an hour (or seven) scrolling through your phone while Netflix was playing in the background, and find yourself feeling drained and “unproductive” afterwards. If that nightly routine sounds familiar - you’re not alone. According to a recent Nielson study, the majority of adults spend over eleven hours each day scrolling, swiping and streaming. 

To us, high quality leisure is conscious, rejuvenating moments that help you feel inspired and fulfilled. Those activities could be anything from experimenting in the kitchen (sourdough bread, we’re looking at you) to connecting with friends over a Zoom happy hour. When we start becoming aware of how we spend our free time - our entire life changes.

What is a ‘Theta State’?

As human beings, there are 5 different wavelengths that our brain emits based on the activities we’re doing. Most of us busy (dare we say robotic) humans are hovering between Beta and Gamma brain waves in our regular lives. This means we’re always on, thinking, problem-solving, and possibly even stressed. 

Neuroscientists have found that the brain frequency when we’re most relaxed, have the highest access to creating memories, and even increases our cortical thickness (aka expanding our brain’s neural network) is our Theta State. Interestingly, kids’ brains are constantly in a Theta State, and consistently engaging in activities like creativity, meditation, and other forms of flow help us adults access it more often. So, let’s Theta?

What we do

Why did you create a Leisurist Toolkit? What’s so special about it?

Our limited-edition Leisurist Toolkit is the starting point to get your creative juices flowing. Our team at DD knew that the hardest part of accessing your creativity is the simple act of getting started - so we wanted to make it as easy as possible. There are a couple of important aspects of the Leisurist Toolkit that are science-backed ways to help you get in the flow and build long-term healthy, creative habits:

• We hand-picked each creative medium, and personalized every single aesthetic collection to make sure that no matter what you end up creating looks good (basically, we did all the hard work for you!). 
• We developed at 30+ page digital guide delivered straight to your inbox that’s packed with resources, inspiring projects and research so that you have a roadmap towards building these long-term habits
• We segmented three specific ways you could use your toolkit depending on the mood you want to feel: Chill, Energized or Focused. That way, the toolkit is versatile enough to take the place of a Netflix binge and a late afternoon espresso shot. Look out for more on this soon!
• And, we’ve got your digits so that we can share personalized projects and a real human from DD HQ can answer any questions, concerns or brainstorm ideas together. We’re not a one-and-done type of project, you know? 

How can I use my toolkit?

Your Leisurist Toolkit is meant for you to use regularly, so you can get into the habit of accessing your creative flow. But, we know that creativity might be like riding a Razor Scooter for the first time in a decade - you kind of remember, but you’re a bit rusty. We’ve got you.

We put together a 30+ page digital guide to get your creative juices flowing packed with our favorite projects, resources and inspiration. We know that your moods change, so we’ve separated our projects by the type of vibe you’re looking for: Chill, Energized or Focused. 

Plus, if you sign up for Texting with DD, you’ll receive exclusive creative projects and inspiration straight to your phone.

Other than creative projects, what do you do?

We’ve got a lot of tricks up our sleeves. At Daydreamers, we’re just getting started. But, besides our limited-edition Leisurist Toolkit, we launched a podcast called (un)productive earlier this year. In it, we chat with high-profile creatives, entrepreneurs, thinkers + tinkerers to understand the habits and mindsets that have shaped their journey. Tune in here.

Are there other ways I can join the DD fam?

Of course! We think it’s cool to be kind, and inclusive - not exclusive. Our Daydreamers community is always growing; join us on Instagram and look out for our #CreateNotCurate series where DD fam members share the ways that they’re being creative IRL. If you have any questions, ideas or want to partner further, reach out at

Getting my stuff

I have an issue with my order. What should I do? 

Thanks so much for your support - especially during our Beta phase! If your product arrives damaged or there’s another urgent issue, don’t hesitate to email us at We’ll make it right!

How much does shipping cost? How long will it take to get here? 

If you think like us, shipping should be free. So, shipping is always included in your order. All of our toolkits will take about 5 - 7 days to get to your front door.

I live outside of the U.S. Can I get a toolkit? 

Dang it! Unfortunately, at this time we’re only shipping in the U.S. But, we love to hear where in the world our DD fam is from. Feel free to shoot us a note at to tell us where Daydreamers should go next.

Chatting with us

I have a general question. Who should I contact? 

We’re all ears - email us at and we’ll have a chat.

I need help with my order. How should I get in touch?

Shoot us a note at with your tracking number and any other important info - we’re here to help.

I want to join the DD team. Are you hiring? 

We’re always looking for amazing humans to join the DD team. Most importantly, we don’t believe that you need a college degree in Creativity to do awesome work. So, send us a line at with what makes you pumped about our mission and how you might tap into our team.

I want to partner with Daydreamers on an event / project / collab. Who should I talk to?

We’re always into partnering with cool humans to do cool stuff. Email us at with your ideas and we’ll see what we can do.

I’d love to write a piece on Daydreamers. How can I talk to the founders?

Cool! Drop us a note at and our people will talk to your people (ha - we love saying that.)

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